Bear Awakener

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Bear Awakener is the 2nd solo album from Tuomas Rounakari diving deep into the ancient bear myths of Finland and the indigenous Khanty and Mansi peoples in Siberia. The name Bear Awakener comes from specific songs sung in order to awaken the bear during the Bear Feast ceremonies. 
The Bears Origin Myth is identical among the Finns and the indigenous Khanty and Mansi people. Both cultures run ceremonial Bear feasts that last several days. Many songs, dances and plays are performed in honor of the bear. Tuomas Rounakari has studied the bear feast songs of all of these cultures. He has travelled to Siberia and worked with Khanty and Mansi artists as well as continuing research of the archived materials. There are thousands of verses containing bear related myths in the vast archives of Finland including fonograf recordings from the early 20th century. Most songs in the album are arrangements of these fonograf recordings for violin.
This album  is designed to re-awaken or cherish anyones connection with this mythical entity. Comes with a 24-page booklet full of stories and information on the songs. 
Release date: April 14th 2022

1. First Morning

2. In The Land Of The Bear 

3. Man With a Bear Snout 

4. Second Morning

5. Song Of a Small Goose 

6. Origin Of The Bear 

7. Third Morning 

8. Bear Clan Girl 

9. Man Observing The World 

10. Roopeskas Bear Hunt 

11. Last Morning Departure 

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