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Not even the best poets can describe the beauty and exotic nature of Lapland. The mystery of the Lappish spirit cannot be unravelled by mere words. Yet, one can dive into a sense of Lapland through experiencing its astonishing nature and the magical music played by the Shamaani Duo. 
  1. Šamanát
  2. Hunka Lunka
  3. Moai Letne Duoddaris
  4. Gula Gula
  5. Riehču
  6. Geahčan Dan Máilmmi
  7. Meahcis
  8. Mánážan
  9. Nisson Čahppes Biktasiinnes (Lady In Black)
10. Idja Dál Lea
11. Okto Ijas


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